“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” (Psalm 96:3)


(The Parable of the Weeds) “‘Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’” (Matthew 13:24-30). Lord, may there be more wheat than weeds harvested among the Muslims in Bosnia. As they seek truth during Ramadan, may you plant the Seed of your Son through dreams and visions for them to encounter and may the seeds bring a great harvest of wheat among a multitude of families of Bosniaks.


Paul and Barnabas returned to places they had preached “strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.” (Acts 14:22) During the month of Ramadan, many believers in Bosnia and Herzegovina feel a spiritual shift take place. Pray a hedge of protection over them physically, but also emotionally and mentally as they encounter oppression from darkness in a place where so little follow Jesus. As they persevere through tribulations, may Jesus be made known more fully to them and through that, be the Light of the Gospel to the Bosniaks around them.


“He considered that God was able even to raise him from the dead, from which, figuratively speaking, he did receive him back.” (Hebrews 11:19) Resurrected King, You conquered death on the cross! Would Bosnianks come to know and believe in the gift of your Son, in which you freely gave to them so that they may know You and be known by You!


Father, we pray for your Kingdom to come! May your light shine and reveal the truth of the Gospel to all those who are lost in darkness throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. May your glory be made known among this nation!